Nightmare is a 3rd Generation IS piloted by Liu King-sang.

 Pilot Liu King-sang
 Generation Type 3rd Generation
 Battle Type All-Rounder
 Araments Venom Slug

Heavenly Emperor

Reaper (formerly)

2x foot-mounted beam blades


Bluster -YS

 Manufacturer Tabane Shinonono


Nightmare is optimized for close combat to medium-long range combat.

1st Shift/Armaments & Abilities

  1. Venom Slug - .55 cal bullpup assault rifle with 30-round box magazines.
  2. Heavenly Emperor - Two-handed single-edged sword made for 1 on 1 combat. Similar to Amatsuki and Karaware, it shoots out multiple dark colored laser beams in a concentrated pattern toward a target. It can also shoot out a large slash in the form of a crescent moon against single or multiple targets.
  3. Reaper (formerly) - A .62 cal medium railgun mounted on the left forearm with Death-lock pincers jutted from the cannon muzzle.
  4. Foot Blades - Blades generated through the foot for CQC.
  5. Supernova - A napalm plasma weapon capable of firing a large plume of plasma at targets up to 100m away. Its projector's core of fire is tightened, but it deals significantly more damage.
  6. Bluster -YS - Super-heated plasma blade integrated directly into its forearms and frame instead of holding it.

Additional packages:

  1. Fortissimo - .55 cal heavy round light machine gun fitted with 75 round drum magazine for support fire.
  2. Terraform - A defense package that materializes secondary energy shields to block incoming attacks like a bulletproof shield.

Standby Form

It takes the form of a black Buddhist prayer beads on Liu's right wrist.


  • Venom Slug is modeled after the QBZ-95, a Chinese bullpup assault rifle. The name was derived from 5.45x39mm called the 'Poison Bullet' due to its raw wounding effects of the round.
  • Reaper strongly resembles a fusion cannon, Megatron's signature weapon from Transformers.
  • Fortissimo resembles the Type 81 LMG, a Chinese-designed assault rifle derived into light machine gun.
  • It's confirmed that Tabane found the accidental side-effect while she constructed Nightmare, and she reverse engineered it for either Liu or Three Dragons to activate it so she doesn't have to clean up the mess she made.
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