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Petra Truth

Cody uniform (unique)

Cody (IS Uniform)

Cody (swimming)

 Kanji/Kana ペットラ・トルース
 Rōmaji pettora toruusu
 Also Known As
Personal Info
 Birthday July 16th
 Gender Male
 Age 15-16
 Nationality Australian
 Relatives Unnamed Mother†
Unnamed Father†
 Occupation 1st Year IS Academy Student (Class One)
 Academic Standing IS Representative Candidate of Australia
Level-5 citizen
 Infinite Stratos (IS) Cuidightheach
 Affiliations Central City
IS Academy
Maintenance Division
IS Deployment Unit
 Status Active
 Appears in Tales Series
 Light Novel Debut Chapter I: New Male Student!
 Manga Debut
 Anime Debut
 Japanese Voice Daisuke Sakaguchi
 English Voice Greg Ayres
 Other Voice(s)

Petra Truth (ペットラ・トルース pettora toruusu?), commonly referred as Truth (トルース toruusu?), is one of the few only male students who's able to pilot a IS, a first year student of the IS Academy, a Level-5 citizen of Central City and the only IS Representative Candidate of Australia.



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